Summer Bootcamp

What is Bootcamp?

To help students who did not major in accounting as undergraduates complete the prerequisite courses, we offer a series of intensive classes that prepare them for the MAcc academic year. The same outstanding faculty who teach MAcc academic semester long courses also teach the bootcamp. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you satisfy the prerequisites within the William & Mary bootcamp.

Accounting Prerequisite Courses

BUAD 380 Principles of Accounting

3 credits (May 30 - June 9) 

Preparation and use of financial statements to communicate information about a variety of economic events to both internal and external users. At most schools, this is a two semester 6 credit sequence. Applicants with less than six credits of Principles must demonstrate that their Principles course is substantively similar to the William & Mary Principles course.

BUAD 381 Intermediate Financial Accounting I and BUAD 382 Intermediate Financial Accounting II

3 credits each (June 12 - June 23 and June 26 - July 7) 

An intensive study of the generally accepted accounting principles for asset valuation, income measurement, and financial statement presentation. Analysis of balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements, together with the theory of valuation underlying the various accounts used in these statements. Such as challenging issues in financial accounting including leases, pensions, and income taxes.

BUAD 383 Intermediate Cost Accounting

3 credits (July 10 - July 21) 

Applications of cost analysis to inventory valuation and income determination and planning and control of routine operations and non-routine decisions. This course emphasizes the relevance of cost concepts to modern decision tools.

BUAD 384 Audit & Internal Controls 

3 credits (July 24 - August 4)

Study of generally accepted auditing standards, with an emphasis on the application of technology, modeling, statistics, and other auditing procedures. Includes strong focus on reporting, ethics, and international practices.

BUAD 385 Introduction to US Federal Income Tax

3 credits (August 9 - August 19) 

An analysis of federal income tax laws. Development of conceptual awareness of federal income tax structure and tax planning, and gaining ability to determine solutions to problems confronting the individual tax payer.

Students who have taken the above-listed bootcamp courses in the past have found the experience to be demanding, but quite rewarding. The group that goes through this experience together develops a camaraderie that carries forward into the academic year and throughout the program. 

In addition, bootcamp students have a chance to meet some of our recruiters in more casual settings during trips to Richmond, Virginia and Norfolk, Virginia. The bootcamp is designed to ensure that our students - regardless of their educational background - have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the accounting world and start meaningful careers.

What is the Cost?

The cost for each 3-credit hour course during the summer of 2017 is $3,600 for out-of-state residents, and $2,400 for in-state students. 


Students participating in the bootcamps will receive credits for the courses they complete. These credits fulfill the prerequisite requirements for the MAcc Program and with the exception of Principles of Accounting, also qualify as credits required to sit for the CPA exam in the state of Virginia.