Corporate Partners

Mason Corporate Partners for the Health Sector POD are providing support in four areas to make you successful.

Commitment to Hiring

Our Corporate Partners have committed to the long-term career development support of the Health Sector POD. A key part of this commitment is providing access to hiring opportunities and summer internships between the first and second year. The curriculum in the MBA Health Sector POD is designed to prepare students to compete successfully for summer internships at the highest level and to perform well during the internship.

Providing Funding

Providing the best preparation for careers in the health sector is of the utmost importance to our Corporate Partners. They are committed to the long-term financial support of the Health Sector POD and are developing fellowships to attract the highest-caliber students.

Advising on Curriculum

To absolutely ensure that the curriculum is relevant and just what companies are looking for, Mason Corporate Partners have a heavy hand in developing the curriculum. If they are involved in defining the kinds of skills they desire, Corporate Partners are more vested in the result and interested in hiring.

Teaching Courses

Mason has a long history of involving companies in teaching courses and this is heightened in the Health Sector POD. The rapidly evolving areas of health information technology are especially important for getting expertise that is current and innovative. A number of Corporate Partners are in the business of health information technology.


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  • Dr. Brent Ibata: Sentara Norfolk General Heart Hospital (COO)
  • Prof. Jon Deschazo: VCU Health Administration
  • Ms. Melinda Hancock & Mr. Walter Coleman: Dixon Hughes Goodman
  • Mr. Marvin Washington & Mr. Mike Willis: PWC (Consultants)
  • Mr. Adam McCann: Deloitte (Consultants)
  • Mr. Bert Reese: CIO Sentara Health Care
  • Mr. Sam Owens: BI Director, Sentara
  • Ms. Kelly Lamping: MBA Alumni, Sentara
  • Prof. Peter Aiken: VCU and Data Management Association
  • Mr. Alan Miller: Universal Health Services (CEO)
  • Mr. Jon Wu & Mr. Ashutosh Singh: Verisk Health
  • Mr. Tom Harris: IBM Health Sector
  • Mr. Tom Chamberlain: Edlogics (CEO)
  • Ms. Jen Roberts, MBA Alumni, Ms. Andrea Staskiel, BBA Alumni,
    Mr. Bob Bryant, MBA Alumni: Riverside Elder Care Team
  • Dr. Eric Silfen: Philips Healthcare (Chief Medical Officer)
  • Mr. Pjerin Luli: Dilon Technologies (Marketing Director)
  • Mr. Kurt Hoefelich: Sentara Norfolk (President)