MBA Health Sector PoD

The Mason MBA has a Health Sector PoD (Path of Distinction) for a cadre of students who together take a select few courses to prepare for a career in the health sector. The health sector in the U.S. is one of the fastest growing for jobs. It is projected to go from around 18 percent of GDP to 22 percent with trillions of new dollars creating unprecedented opportunities.

Why Mason MBA for Health Sector?

The health sector needs leaders who can manage innovation and effectively use information systems in their rapidly evolving organizations. The Mason School of Business connects students with our nationally recognized faculty in health information technology and our health sector Corporate Partners, providing a distinctive competency that few can offer.

Corporate Partners

Over 75 percent of Fortune 50 companies are involved in the health sector in some capacity. Mason serves many of these companies in health care delivery, health care marketing, project management, global business strategy, and health care analysis. Corporate Sponsors of the Health Sector PoD provide support through the development of fellowships, clinical preceptorships, summer internship opportunities and by providing projects for field consultancies.

With insurance coverage more widespread under reform, the business content in the MBA Health Sector PoD will be in great demand in order to address costs as the next major issue and the rapid change that accompanies it.

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