Branding, marketing analytics, segmentation, positioning, account management as well as other marketing topics will hone your skills to develop and implement successful marketing strategies.

Concentration Requirements
(12 credit hours required)
Fall Semester
Career Acceleration Module 1: Career Acceleration Module 2:
Track 1 * :
Business to Consumer AND Business to Business
Track 2 ** :
Business to Consumer OR Business to Business
Spring Semester
Track 1: Recommended Electives
Track 2: Two courses from list *** :
  • Markets & Society
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Corporate Finance elective
  • Advanced Modeling
  • Leadership & Planned Change
  • Database Management
  • Solving Creative Problems
*    Track 1: Marketing Concentration requirements met by taking both Marketing CAMs. No Electives required.
**  Track 2: Students may take either Marketing CAM and two elective courses to meet requirement.
*** Subject to availability