Consumer Marketing

It's a noisy world out there – lots of chatter, lots of clutter, lots of distraction. Getting people's attention, holding their interest and convincing them that what you're selling is worth buying -- the basis of consumer marketing -- is more difficult and more important than ever.

And it's one of the most dynamic fields in modern business.

Changing demographics, consumer uncertainty and an explosion of product options make strong branding and selling critically important, as well as constantly challenging. That's where our Consumer Marketing module takes the lead.

We focus on preparing you for a career in marketing management, primarily for consumer goods. Our experts, Associate Professor Jim Olver and Executive Parter Rick Spatz, bring a passion for understanding consumer behavior, as well as for applying theory to real-world applications. Their guidance will prove invaluable as you move into your new marketing career.

You'll develop a rich understanding of the basic marketing plan, as well as the tools and frameworks of product or brand management. There is also emphasis on the communications (advertising) side of consumer marketing. Guest speakers from companies as varied as Colgate, The Martin Agency and PeaceFrogs, Inc. will bring new viewpoints. Class trips to such major companies as Unilever, Hamilton Beach, and Saatchi & Saatchi will put you in the midst of grand plans and big ideas. And a real-world consulting assignment -- possibly including areas such as advertising campaign concepts, product and channel recommendations, and full promotional programs -- will add to the hands-on vitality of your experience.

Marketing has come a long way since the days of Mad Men. Now is the time for behavioral marketing, market simulations, and brand equity management systems. They're just what you'll need to build your own brand as an expert who can cut through the clutter and get things noticed.

Recent Module Speakers
  • Mark Smucker, President, JM Smucker Canada
  • Bob Kirkpatrick, Colgate
  • Jack Schmidt, P&G
  • Catesby Jones, Founder and President, PeaceFrogs Inc.
  • Nancy Lund, Group VP, Marlboro and New Products, Philip Morris-USA
  • Ken Rogers, Former Global Marketing Officer, Mars, Inc.
  • Bill Schley, "Why Johnny Can't Brand"
  • Scott Tidey, Hamilton Beach Proctor Silex
  • Gus Griffin, Marketing Director-Europe, Brown Forman
Company and Site Visits
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Prudential Financial
  • Ferrari
  • Concept Farm
  • Lifetime Network
  • Macy's
  • PhilipMorris USA
  • Hamilton Beach