Global Business Immersions Spring 2018

Contact:  Michele Mitchell


Immersions available for the Spring 2018

Full Description
Bahrain and the UAE—Business & Innovation in the Arabian Gulf

No region in the world is quite like the Middle East. Its climate, rapid growth and culture can be found nowhere else on the globe. Many of its cities are growing in terms of commerce, hospitality and influence. For business and industry in the GCC, innovation is at the top of the agenda as they work to become a region that greatly influences global business. This global immersion course for full time and part time MBA students will closely examine Innovation in the Middle East, in particular in the Arabian Gulf island countries of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. The primary objectives of the course include, 1) Understanding innovation and how various cultures, companies and organizations approach and embrace it, 2) Gaining an understanding and appreciation of the culture in Bahrain and the UAE, in particular the cities of Manama (Bahrain’s largest city with a population of 154,000) and Dubai (the largest city in the UAE with 2.6 million people), and 3) Experiencing a cultural immersion in a region of the world that is incredibly unique.

Travel will take place over Spring Break and will be inclusive of company meetings, site visits and cultural excursions. Required classes will be held on consecutive Saturdays prior to the travel. Spring semester credit: 1.5 hours.

Course Instructor: Dean Ken White

Course Manager: Amanda Barth


CANCELED: Japan and East Asia: Redefining Global Business in the 21st Century

East Asia is one of the most important areas of the global economy both economically and politically. China, Korea, and Japan are at the forefront of defining what the future of business in the 21st Century and beyond. Innovations in robotics and production methods have defined Japanese corporate success over the years. At the same time social and geo-political events and evolutions have presented both opportunities and challenges for this complex and interesting country. The primary objectives of this course are: 1) to introduce students to the interactive concepts of business and culture as it pertains to U.S.–Japan Trade & Economic Security while at the same time recognizing the interplay across all of East Asia,  2) to enable students to understand the cultural issues at the corporate, national and transnational levels, 3) to provide insights on effective marketing and management decision making in unfamiliar or cross-cultural settings, particularly with respect to Japan unilateral inflow of resources as a historic national security top priority, and 4) most importantly to give students unique experiences with a Japan Inc. cultural immersion.

Course Instructor: Dr. Don Rahtz

Course Manager: Brittney Rakestraw


Course Formats
  • Spring Semester Credit: 1.5 hours. Limited availability, (maximum of 20 students).
  • Three Half-day Saturday sessions will be held prior to departure. The immersion experience will take place over spring break with a possible departure date of March 1 and a return date of March 10. One course session will be held following the immersion experience.

Application Process
  1. Submit the Course Registration and Behavior Expectation Agreement
  2. Submit Deposit Check - A $750 Deposit (included in final cost quote) is due to Jennifer Nelson or Michele Mitchell by Thursday November 2, 2017. Checks should be made payable to The College of William & Mary.
  3. Once your deposit is made you will be registered for the course on November 5


Payment Details

Flex students will be billed for tuition for this course following the standard billing rate outlined by your program. All students are responsible for payment of $4595.00 to cover travel expenses. (Covers all air and ground transportation, lodging, and a large portion of the food.) Participants are eligible for student loans from Financial Aid.


Payment Schedule:

  • Deposit: $750.00 due Thursday November 2, 2017
  • Second Installment: $1750.00 due Monday November 27, 2017
  • Final Payment: $2095.00 due Friday January 19, 2018


Estimated Cost: $4595.00 USD (covers all air and ground transportation, lodging, and a large portion of the food. Participants are eligible for student loans from Financial Aid.


For additional course information contact Professor Don Rahtz at 221-2866 or

email Professor Rahtz at


For additional information regarding registration and payment, please contact Jennifer Nelson or Michele Mitchell