Healthcare has experienced rapid change in recent years, making it one of the fastest growing areas for employment nationwide. As policy regulations and information technology transform the sector, executives who can adapt to this revolving industry are in high demand. Our healthcare specialization will prepare you to lead by immersing you into the field and exposing you to the distinctive challenges faced by the industry.

Specialization Requirements

Fall Semester
Career Acceleration Module (required)
+ 1 Elective from the list below
Spring Semester
2 Electives from the list below
Available Electives
  • Design Thinking Advanced Tech
  • Design Thinking Foundations
  • Database Management
  • HC Informatics
  • Health Analytics
  • Health Sector Management
  • Health Systems Org Finance & Performance
  • Lean Toolkit
  • Project Management
  • Field Consultancy
* Electives and Requirements are subject to change as industry demands change