Enterprise Engineering

    AAFES  Lisa Morris rides a crane in the high rise racks at Army and Air Force Exchange Service Distribution Center.  
  • APM Terminals Virginia
    APM Terminals Virginia  Enterprise Engineering students ride the bus through APM Terminals Portsmouth, Va. marine terminal.  
  • Dell
    Dell  Enterprise Engineering students at the Winston-Salem, NC computer factory.  
  • Maersk Distribution Service
    Maersk Distribution Service  Enterprise Engineering Students tour the Maersk Distribution Services crossdock in Chesapeake, VA.  
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Building from the inside out

It takes an engineer to build a physical location for a business. And a different kind of engineer to create value and build what's inside.

Every day, managers face hundreds of pieces of a large puzzle. Each piece involves dozens of important decisions. Our Enterprise Engineering Career Acceleration Module deals with how you should engineer the value-creating processes within your enterprise.

Everything you manufacture has a process – and numerous puzzles to be solved. As a business leader, you'll need to define what, when, and where things will be built and bought. From whom and under what types of relationships. Where to put things and how to move things around.

Engineering and executing these processes is difficult in today's environment. You'll have to deal with uncertainly in the future, as well as ever-changing competitive dynamics, rapidly evolving technologies, and increasing customer expectations. Put it all in a global framework and you really need the big picture to succeed.

Our module will help open your viewpoint to that picture. We'll discuss how to design supply chains and service delivery processes in order to compete successfully in today's turbulent business environment. You'll gain knowledge of supply chain management, which allows you to build the architecture of a successful chain, manage the risk of global supply chains and determine outsourcing/insourcing.

You'll also become well versed in advanced analytical modeling and decision support tools, information systems/technology, and process improvement. You'll also learn how to characterize firms that have the potential to create sustainable value, or handle mid-to upper-level corporate managerial positions in other disciplines.

Consulting. Supply chain management. Inter-firm collaborative processes. If you'd like to build your knowledge of these possible careers – and become a business engineer — then this is the module for you.