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MBA Association

The MBA Association (MBAA) is the student representative organization for the MBA Program. The MBAA is organized in a committee structure, representing different aspects or disciplines in business. These committees encourage students with common academic and professional goals to join with our experienced faculty and global business executives to explore field-specific topics. Committees and activities vary from year to year as the interest of the MBA student body evolve.

The MBAA also helps ease the rigors of graduate school through a welcoming, close-knit social network where students, partners and families, faculty, alumni and Executive Partners expand their classroom involvement to include frequent meetings in nonacademic settings. Together, we engage in diverse activities where the many cultures represented within our community are embraced through music, dance, language, and food.

MBAA Officers 2014-2015:

President:  [[michael.kuchler,Michael Kuchler]]

Internal Vice President: [[marshall.early,Marshall Early]]

External Vice President: [[akshit.kapoor,Akshit Kapoor]]

Treasurer: [[yingzi.pan,Yingzi (Irene) Pan]]

Secretary: [[saleh.karaman,Saleh Karaman]]

MBAA Blog:

Catch up with the MBAA through the Mason School of Business blog, and get more information on their newest endeavors both on campus and in the community.