EMBA Tuition

Payment Schedule for Class of 2019 (beginning January 2018)

$4,500 non-refundable deposit is due within 30 days of acceptance* in order to secure position in the cohort and is applied to the Semester 1 balance due.

Semester 1: Due January 1 $18,780
Semester 2: Due June 1 $18,780
Semester 3: Due August 1 $18,780
Semester 4: Due January 1 $18,780
Semester 5: Due June 1 $18,780
TOTAL $93,900**

*For service members who are actively serving or for veterans who have served honorably in the armed forces of the United States and who will use Military or Veterans Affairs benefits to cover the $4,500 admission deposit may have the deposit requirement waived since Military/Veterans Affairs payments are not received by the institution until after the semester begins. The student is responsible for all program costs not covered by Military/Veterans Affairs benefits.

**Long-haul international flights for the required global immersions are not included in Program tuition and fees. Each student is responsible for booking and paying for two roundtrip airline tickets with an estimated budget of $1,500 per ticket or $3,000 total over the course of the Program.