Admissions Process

Our executive MBA students are highly motivated, results-oriented individuals with ten to fourteen years of professional work experience and three to five years of managerial/project responsibilities.

The Executive MBA Program is rigorous. So it is no surprise that the most frequently asked questions of our alum are “How did you manage the competing priorities of work, home and school?” and “How much time outside of the classroom did you devote to study, teamwork, and coursework?” The secrets to successfully managing priorities while in the program include establishing a routine, communicating regularly with faculty, and working with the strengths of your team. Most students indicate that they dedicate an average of about 20 hours per week to coursework and study. Some are likely to find the extra time early in the morning or late in the evening. The need to balance work, family, and coursework is a challenge that you will share with many of your colleagues in the program. The attention and time you decide to give to each for the duration of the program varies from individual to individual. Are these decisions difficult? Most definitely. Are the results worth it? Our alumni believe that they are.

Admissions Criteria

Admissions staff consider three questions when reviewing an application file for a candidate applying to our Executive MBA Program:

First, does the applicant have the ability to complete the program? Standardized tests are one way to capture this information and reviewing your academic transcripts from all previous academic institutions you have attended is another.

Second, does the applicant have the aspiration to complete the program? Your essay, resume, and letters of recommendation submitted along with your application will assist us in knowing about your desire to achieve this academic goal.

Third, will the applicant have the level of engagement necessary to complete graduate school while working full-time? Your on-campus interview provides the opportunity for you to make a final decision about us and for us to decide about your candidacy for our Executive MBA Program.