Off Campus Events

In the William & Mary Executive MBA recruitment team, we have a belief that you are not just choosing an MBA program, you are choosing an entire team of educators and professionals who will support you throughout your rigorous and rewarding journey.  This is why we start with the relationship, not just the academics.  Our team is on the road often, meeting with professionals where they work and live—bringing answers about the William & Mary Executive MBA Program directly to you, when and where it most conveniently fits into your busy schedule. 

All Spring Roadshow Options
We are going to be in cities and metro areas across the Mid-Atlantic throughout the year, and our recruitment pros will be available to meet at your office, your favorite coffee house, after work for a social hour, or even your favorite restaurant for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.   Here’s when we’ll be in your area this Spring:

Hampton Roads Southside:  May 9
Central Virginia:  May 16-17
Richmond Area: May 23-24
Washington DC Area: May 24-25
Please click HERE and let us know if you would like for us to reach out and schedule a time to meet with you near your office or home.