Revolutionary Thinkers

Gjerji Cici Headshot
Taking the Financial Initiative

Gjergji Cici, Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance, knows the value of direct experience -- and helps his students get it.

Alex Woods
Taking measures to get things done

In recent research, Assistant Professor Alex Woods has investigated factors that cause supervisors to subjectively adjust managers’ objective performance measures.

Scott McCoy Headshot
From eyeballs to action

Scott McCoy looks at digital ads on e-commerce Web sites and studies their impact on Web users’ attitudes, performance and intentions.

Chon Abraham Headshot
Getting everyone on the same page

Assistant Professor Chon Abraham is interested in how information technology can create clear lines of communication.

Don Rahtz Headshot
Islands in the (revenue) stream

Marketing professor Don Rahtz regularly travels to Southeast Asia to measure quality of life issues.

Michael Luchs Headshot
Cutting through the clutter

Michael Luchs, Assistant Professor of Marketing, says well-designed products can and do engage consumers.

Inga Carboni Headshot
Keeping teams working through conflict

Assistant Professor Inga Carboni, who teaches Organizational Behavior, uses episodes of The Office to illustrate how groups manage issues related to productive and destructive forms of conflict.

Ram Ganeshan Headshot
All the pieces of the puzzle

Ram Ganeshan, professor in the Operations & Technology Group, says at its foundation, Supply Chain Management is getting products and services from Point A to Point B in the best possible way.

Todd Mooradian Headshot
A Slice of Wall Street in the ’Burg

Prof. John Merrick, the Richard S. Reynolds Associate Professor of Business is a veteran of the bond markets and academia. He designed the state-of-the-art Acuff Financial Markets Center to bring a Wall Street experience to his students.

Rajiv Kohli Headshot
Information, please

Rajiv Kohli, Associate Professor of MIS, was once a lawyer and human resources expert. Today, he focuses his research on the business value of information technology, healthcare information systems, and managing innovation with information technologies.