Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center

The Center exists to educate, inspire, and support individuals in developing the skills and mindset of an entrepreneur.

Startups are just the tip of the iceberg At the Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center we view entrepreneurship through the wider lens of Entrepreneurial Thinking -  a highly versatile set of skills and mindsets that are essential across a wide variety of settings.

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Opportunity identification Open to risk
Failing wisely Tolerance for ambiguity
Improvisation Grit
Collaboration Self-direction

The center delivers on its mission through experiences guided by our learn, engage, build framework:




Foundational and broadly applicable learning experiences that cultivate entrepreneurial literacy and skills Impactful and direct experiences in the entrepreneurial ecosystem that immerses students in the practice of entrepreneurship Hands-on direct application of tools and skills that builds entrepreneurship competency and the entrepreneurial mindset

BBA concentrations:

Design & Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Founder speaker series 3-day startup
MBA Entrepreneurship concentration Entrepreneurial ecosystem excursions Business model competition
Certificate programs Student organizations Entrepreneurial internships
Minor (future) Entrepreneurial networking Seed funding