Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center

Ambition is a spark. It sets off every entrepreneurial fuse, every idea. But there are a thousand places for a business to fizzle and falter. The mission of the Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center is to fuel the ambition of the entrepreneur. It is a center of highly concentrated energy that acts as an engine of creativity and knowledge for our undergraduate and graduate business programs.

However, the entrepreneurial spark is not limited to our programs. And neither is the Center. In addition to working with our MBA students, the Center is an invaluable asset for those forward thinkers who can supply the vision and the energy but may need a spark to get it going. From industry-specific roundtables to the Small Business Certificate Program, our goal is to bring the tools and skills to forge entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

So bring your ambition and energy to the Center. We’ll provide the leadership, vision and hands-on experience. And together we’ll light the fire.

  • About the Center: Forged out of the Mason School’s commitment to revolutionary thinking, the Entrepreneurship Center was launched in October 2010.
  • Major Programs: The Entrepreneurship Center complements and enhances the revolutionary spirit that guides the MBA experience at the Mason School.
  • Launch Hampton Roads: The Entrepreneurship Center in collaboration with the Triangle Business and Innovation Center provides entrepreneurship training and assistance under the U.S. Department of Labor's Workforce Innovation Fund. 
  • Upcoming Events: Check out a listing of the major events that the Entrepreneurship Center is working on.
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