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Industry Research

SIC & NAICS codes:

All industry sectors are assigned an SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) or NAICS (North American Industrial Classification System) code.  Before beginning your research, find the SIC and/or NAICS codes that relate to your industry.

Standard Industrial Classification Codes
Print format: Business Library HF1042 .A55 1989

North American Industrial Classification System
Print format: Business Library HF1042 .N67 1997

Reports & Overviews:

Databases accessed through the McLeod Business Library

First Research
Search by keyword, SIC or NAICS code, or browse by industry sector.  Industry reports are updated quarterly, are comprehensive, and link directly to related reports for ease of research.

Business Monitor Online
Access industry information specific to a country or region of the world.  Search by keyword or browse by industry sector.

Search by keyword (select “Search all Industries”) or browse by industry sector.  Once on the industry sector page, select “Statistics” or “Trends” from the header to view excellent statistical charts or trend analysis relevant to that industry.  Also a good source for association/organization information.

Access country specific industry information by conducting a keyword search, or browsing industry reports.  Tip:  To quickly access country specific information for a particular industry or product, search by keyword, narrow by “Industry Profiles,” then “Refine by Geography.”

Search by keyword, industry activity, or industry code to find industry research, analysts’ reports, and strengths/weaknesses analysis.  Note:  To access this database, select “International Businesses” from the RefUSA home page.

Mergent Online
To find industry reports, select the “Industry Reports” tab.  You may then select the industry sector, region, and date range for the report you would like to view.  On the basic search page, conducting a search by SIC or NAICS code will return a list of companies who operate under that code.  Tip:  This database is a great resource for financial information as it pertains to industries.

Print Resources with Industry Reports/Overviews found in the McLeod Business Library

Encyclopedia of American Industries 5th ed.
HC102 .E53 2007 v.1-2

Handbook of Industry Profiles 2009
HD 2328 .H363 2009

Standard & Poors Industry Surveys
HC106.6 .S74

Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries
HD2324 .E28 2007

Market Aspect:

Search by keyword to access industry profiles that include a market overview, value, segmentation, and forecasts.  Also, find information on top competitors within industry/market sectors.

Mintel Oxygen
Covers both the US and European marketplace.  Reports include market segmentation, drivers, size and forecasts.  Note:  You must create a profile prior to using this database.
Search by keyword, or browse by topics.  Reports include industry overviews, competitive analysis, market trends, product innovations, buyer behavior, and market share information.  Note:  These reports are lengthy, so view the table of contents prior to printing to focus on the chapters most relevant to your needs.

2010 U.S. Industry & Market Outlook
Print Format: Business Library HC101 .U56

News & Journal Articles:

EBSCO Host Business Source Complete
Change “Select a Field” to “IC NAICS code or Description” to focus your search quickly on the industry information you need.  Further narrow your results by selecting either, “Market Research Reports” or “Industry Profiles” in the left column on the search results page.  Tip:  Also check the “NAICS/Industry” tab for related industry information.

For fast searching, use the “Industry” tab under “Intelligent Indexing” to find articles specific to your industry.  Either browse or conduct a keyword search to find the industry code.  Use the arrow to add to the code to the search bar.  Note: If using more than one term be sure to connect your terms in the search box with either “and” or “or.”

ProQuest ABI/Inform Global
Using the Advanced Search mode, search for industry information by NAICS code by changing “Citation and document text” to “NAICS code.”

Faulkner’s Advisory for IT Studies
Find reports covering technology as it relates to business by browsing by topic or conducting a keyword search.

Browse current industry news on the following websites:

Industry Week 

eCommerce Times

Business Wire

Additional Reference Resources:

These print resources can be found in the McLeod Business Library.

Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios
 HF5681 .R25 T68 2010
Tracks 50 operating and financial factors in nearly 200 industries.  Organized by NAICS code.

Industry Norms and Key Business Ratios
HF5681 .R25 I52 2008/2009
Financial data related to industries.   Organized by SIC code. 

Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries
HD2324 .E28 2007

Handbook of Industry Profiles 2009
HD2328 .H363 2009

Manufacturing & Distribution USA 3rd ed.
HD9721 .M3495 v.1-3

Encyclopedia of American Industries 5th ed.
HC102 .E53 2007 v.1-2

Standard & Poors Industry Surveys
HC106.6 .S74 October 2009 v.1-2

Trade & Industry Associations:

The Directory of Business Information Resources 17th ed.
HD2425 .D46 2010

Information You Can Trust (was The Internet Public Library)
Search for association names using the search bar.