Life After Your Masters Degree


Your Mason School of Business e-mail account mailbox will remain active until June 13th, after which you will no longer be able to access the mailbox via your Outlook client or the Outlook Web App.  However, you will continue to receive messages sent to your Mason e-mail address because Technology Services will establish forwarding of your Mason e-mail to your William & Mary (WMApps) mailbox on May 30th, which is yours to use for life.  Your Mason e-mail will be forwarded to your WMApps address starting on May 30th even if you already have your Mason email forwarded to another address

After the forwarding starts, if you want to save the messages already in your mailbox from prior to May 30th, you can find instructions at under the heading:  Outlook personal folders. 

Technology Services will send out a reminder of this change the week before they deactivate your mailbox.


You will be able to use the student printers in Miller Hall until Graduation. In previous years, exceptions have been authorized by the Dean for summer interns and job searchers that remain here. For more information about Emails, your WMapps account, and other W&M technology, please see the Graduating Students & Alumni page on the W&M Information Technology Website

Students will no longer have access to the Mason P: and S: drives when their mailboxes are deleted.