2017 Part-Time MBA Working Professionals Conference - William & Mary - Oct 11-13

Request for Proposals - Breakout Learning Sessions
Submission Deadline - July 1st


Revolutions are risky.  They require courage.  They require vision, determination, and resolve. At the 2017 Part-Time MBA for Working Professionals Conference, we want to focus on those who are not satisfied with the status quo--the trailblazers, the out-of-the-boxers, the revolutionary thinkers who drive innovation and change in their organizations and in our mature industry.

Here are six focus areas, with questions for each designed to help frame ideas for our learning sessions.  This list is certainly not exhaustive, so if you have other ideas that fit into our theme of continuous innovation, we can't wait to hear them!

Recruitment and admissions – Have you found a new methodology for recruiting students? Have you implemented new technology-based recruitment tools? Do you interview students the old-fashioned way or are you using alumni or other partners to assist with the interview process?

Program offerings – Are you offering new concentrations or electives based on new market demands or specific industries in your area?

Program delivery modes – Have you recently changed how your programs are delivered?  Have put more content online to create a hybrid program? Have you decreased time to completion utilizing technology?  If you have an online MBA offering, are you able to piggy back on session delivery across programs using the established online platform?

Faculty engagement – What’s new in the classroom? Are faculty using any new tools to increase effectiveness in the classroom—such as flipping or new technology?

Student services – How has your program changed in the past year to better serve your student population?  Are you using different tools or technology to enhance the student experience?

Alumni engagement – How are you tracking your alumni? Are you using LinkedIn or other social media platforms to engage with alumni? What are your newest alumni initiatives that have moved the needle for engagement?

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